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For not being a complete stranger to you guys I wanted to share with you some facts about me: =)

1. My first name is Aida and my middle name is Jamila. Those two names have arabian origins, which is why many people think I'm Arabian. Actually there is no one in my family that comes from Arabia. My mom is just a huuuuuuge fan of special names. :D

2. I'm a huuuge fan of languages. I grew up with 2 different languages. German and Italian. At school we had to learn English and French. After school I started to learn Spanish. At the moment I'm actually studying Japanese. My next language will definitely be Korean. =)

3. I'm half Italian and half Sri Lankan. I was born and grew up in Switzerland, a small country between Germany and Italy.

4. I'm a huge K-Pop and K-Drama fan. My favorite bands are Super Junior and TVXQ. My favorite solo-artist is HENRY!!! I'm also a huge fan of FT-Island and CN Blue.
This year a big dream of mine became reality. I finally was able to see Super Junior and TVXQ live on stage in Japan. I will never forget this moment and I will cherish it forever. =)

5. I looooooooooooooooove chocolate!!!! My favorite chocolate brands are Ferrero and Kinder. NUTELLAAAAAA!!!! Best invention ever.

6. My friend inspired me to start a Youtube channel. You can find the direct link to my channel on the page "videos"

7. I'm an animal lover. My favorite animals are dogs. If I could I would adopt all the dogs in this world. My favorite breed is Husky.

8. I'm a sucker for cute stuff. I once wanted to decorate my room in princess style. xD

9.  I'm a big dreamer. I can easily space out in the middle of the day. I'm also really bad in recognizing people on the street, because I'm mostly spacing out somewhere in my mind-planet. xD

10. I don't bite.... so click on the following button and write a comment!!! I want to know what you guys think about my blog!!

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  1. uhm.. hi :D i came to your blog because of your korean bb cream reiview (totally going to try out the one from Missha!.. if i ever get the money) and now i found out that you can speak german! :) which is awesome because i do, too; ich bin Koreanerin, aber in Deutschland aufgewachsen~ ich lass dir mal ganz ganz viele liebe Grüße da und werd mich weiter auf deinem Blog umsehen, weil's mir hier super gefällt :)

  2. Hi =) Thank you soo sooo much for reading my blog =) Missha is still one of my favorites =)) haha yeah the money.. we all know that problem ;) Wooow cool!! =) Wollte schon immer mal nach Korea gehen aber eben das Geld fehlt... :D Danke vielmals für Lesen =) Ist voll süss von dir!!